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Bumper repairs in Hook, Basingstoke & Across Hampshire

Car bumpers are a crucial part of your vehicle safety equipment.

They are also a part of your car that is most likely to sustain damage, even of the minor variety. Scrapes, scuffs, and scratches are not an uncommon sight on either front or rear bumpers. For the most part, these blemishes are superficial, but it is always worth having an expert look at them.

Here at AL Coachworks, we have been helping our customers with their car bumper repairs in Hook, Basingstoke and across Hampshire for years. Since we started trading in 2014 we have dealt with hundreds of bumper repairs for customers across Hampshire. Whether you have a plastic bumper, textured bumper, or painted bumper, our experts can help you out.

We welcome customers from across the county, including our hometown of Hook, Basingstoke, Fleet, Hartley Wintney, and beyond.

car bumper repair

Car bumper repairs in Hampshire

As the leading car bumper repair specialists in Hook, Basingstoke and across Hampshire, we have much to offer our customers. Here is what you can expect from us…

Car Bumper Repair

Damage assessment

We always check the extent of the damage before performing any of our repair services. However, with bumper repairs, this is essential. While light scuffs and scratches are not too much of a concern, deeper cracks and dents are more worrying. We provide a full damage assessment before starting any repairs, only proceeding once you are happy with our decision.


Plastic bumper repairs

Repairing a scratched or scuffed plastic bumper requires a professional touch. While there are certainly DIY kits available, they require experience and practice to use correctly. At AL Coachworks, all our car bumper repairers have years of hands-on experience using specialist equipment to fix plastic bumpers. Let us restore your plastic bumper components to their original condition.


Textured bumper repairs

Many of our customers from across Hampshire – including Hook, Basingstoke, Fleet, and Hartley Wintney – have texture bumpers. These always look great, adding a sense of style to any car. Of course, being textured, they are more difficult to repair than a flat bumper. Fortunately, our crew of bumper repair experts have decades of experience working with textured bumpers.


Painted bumper repairs

If you have a painted bumper, then our bumper repair service comes in two parts. First, we need to fix the bumper itself, just as we normally would. Once we have done this, we will respray the damaged area to match the rest of the bumper. We then buff and polish the repainted area to a flawless finish.


Car bumper replacements

For more serious damage, a repair might not be possible. If the casing (or the bumper itself) has been cracked it will need to be replaced. As one of your vehicles’ key safety features, your car bumper needs to remain intact. At AL Coachworks, we can source and replace the perfect bumper for any make or model.


Experienced bumper repair specialists

We have been repairing and replacing car bumpers in our Hook car body shop since 2014, when we started trading. We have our own dedicated crew of professional car bumper repair specialists with years of experience in the industry. Between them they have been part of the trade for over 40 years, ensuring quality car bumper repairs every time.

Quality work and materials

When you get your car bumper repaired at AL Coachworks, we guarantee first-rate workmanship using the finest materials and equipment. We use specialist plastic repair kits to deal with plastic and textured car bumper repairs. For painted car bumpers, we use high-performance paints from PPG, one of the most dependable brands on the market.

Your local car bumper repair specialists

We perform all our car bumper repairs at our main car body shop in Hook. We welcome cars from all over the county to our service centre, where they are assured a quality bumper repair. We provide a high standard of repair work for all our customers in Basingstoke, Fleet, Hartley Wintney, and further afield.

Get in touch

For quality car bumper repairs in and around Hampshire, contact the county’s leading car body shop today. Call AL Coachworks on 01256 763 301 or 07955 873 310 to get a free, no-obligation quote.

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