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Proffesional Car body repairs in Hook, Basingstoke & Across Hampshire

Driving around in a damaged car can be extremely dangerous.

Admittedly, sometimes the damage appears to be superficial, such as scratched and dented panel work or scuffed alloy wheels. Even in these cases, the damage can get worse if left unattended to. Bodywork, bumpers, wheel arches, and so on, all contribute to the structural integrity of your vehicle.

At our car body shop in Hook, the team at AL Coachworks performs high-quality car body repairs. We welcome customers from across the county – as far afield as Basingstoke, Fleet, Hartley Wintney, and beyond. We perform a range of services to ensure a reliable car body repair service every time.

AL Coach works car respray

Car body repairs in Hampshire

As the leading car body repair specialists in Hampshire, we have much to offer our customers. Here is what you can expect from us…

Car Body Repair

Damage assessment

The first step in any car body repair job is determining the extent of the damage. At AL Coachworks, our team have decades of relevant experience in the industry. We put together a detailed assessment of the repairs involved, along with a free, no-obligation quote. Only once you are happy, will we proceed with the car body repairs.


Dent removal

Dented bodywork is usually the most noticeable form of damage that we attend to at our Hook car body shop. Fortunately, there are several ways that we can deal with it, depending on the extent of the damage. From beating out to reshaping, we do whatever it takes to get your car looking as good as new once again.


Car scratch repairs

With the worst of the damage taken care of, we can look at more superficial marks and scratches. Depending on the deepness of the scratches, we can take a couple of approaches. Light scratches can normally be buffed out with a little effort. Meanwhile, more significant marks may require filling and respraying first.


Bumper repairs

If you have damaged either your front or rear bumper, getting them repaired becomes a priority. They are essential components of your vehicle’s safety system and driving while their damaged puts you and others at risk. At AL Coachworks, we repair or replace damaged bumpers, quickly and efficiently as part of our car body repair service.


Alloy wheel repairs

It is easy enough for your alloy wheels to get scratched, scuffed and dented, just through everyday use. Fortunately for our customers across Hampshire, it is almost as easy for us to repair them. Whether they just need a light refinishing or a more in-depth refurbishing, we can handle it. We also offer custom paint jobs for your alloy wheels.


Car welding and fabrication

Sometimes the repair work is more extensive, requiring greater effort to get your car looking right. This is often the case with damaged wheel arches, sills, and other embellishments. Here at AL Coachworks, we employ professional welders to perform quality fabrication work. This lets us replace or improve upon damaged bodywork, while making your car look good as new.

Quality work and materials

All our car body repairs are conducted to the highest possible standard by our fully-trained and experienced repair team. We use top-quality materials – including PPG paints for refinishing work – and high-end equipment to deliver the best car body repairs. Customers across Hampshire will agree that nowhere else in the county provides a better car body repair service.

Your local car body repair specialists

You can find our car body shop in the town of Hook, Hampshire. This is where we perform all our car body repairs for customers across the county. We have traded from our body shop since 2014. In that time, we have earned a reputation for excellence among customers as far apart as Basingstoke, Fleet, Hartley Wintney, and beyond.

Get in touch

For quality car body repairs in and around Hampshire, contact the county’s leading car body shop today. Call AL Coachworks on 01256 763 301 or 07955 873 310 to get a free, no-obligation quote.

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