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Car body repairs in Hartley Wintney

Here at AL Coachworks, we have been helping the people of Hartley Wintney with their car body repairs since 2014.

Over that time, we have earned ourselves an impressive reputation for both customer service and quality of work. Much of that reputation is thanks to our customers across Hartley Wintney and beyond. Many of them have recommended our services to their own families and friends. We are always grateful of recommendations like this, and we work hard to live up to expectations.

So, if you are a Hartley Wintney resident in need of a dependable car body shop, look no further. From car body repairs and bumper repairs to alloy wheels repairs and car scratch repairs you can rely on us.

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Reliable car body shop in Hartley Wintney

As the most reliable car body shop currently operating in Hampshire, we have much to offer our Hartley Wintney customers. Here are some of our more popular services…


Car body repairs in Hartley Wintney

At AL Coachworks, we are well-known for the quality of workmanship that goes into our car body repairs. We have our own team of repair specialists, with decades of experience between them in the car body repair industry. From road traffic accident damage, to rust and wear and tear, we have the knowledge and expertise to fix them.


Car scratch repairs in Hartley Wintney

Few things are more frustrating than a noticeable scratch in otherwise flawless car paintwork. Fortunately, restoring your car’s damaged panel work is easily done with the right tools and experience, at AL Coachworks, we have both. We can buff out lighter scratches, or we can fill and spray deeper ones. Either way, you are assured a pristine finish.


Bumper repairs in Hartley Wintney

If either your front or rear bumper gets damaged, you run the risk of weakening your car’s structural integrity. This makes even the simple act of driving your vehicle a potentially hazardous one. Our valued customers in Hartley Wintney need not worry, however. The team at AL Coachworks delivers high-quality bumper repairs and replacements, every single time.


Alloy wheel repairs in Hartley Wintney

It is easy to scuff or puncture alloy wheels simply by putting them through their paces on a day-to-day basis. The most common reason is sticks, stones, and other road debris, ricocheting off the wheels when they are in motion. At AL Coachworks, we can repair or replace damaged alloy wheels, depending on the extent of the damage.


Welding fabrication in Hartley Wintney

Not every car body shop in the Hartley Wintney area can boast their own fabrication specialists. At AL Coachworks, our mechanics have decades of experience with all kinds of car body repair work. This includes fixing and patching bodywork panels using fabrication techniques. We can customise any part of your panel work, depending on your specifications.


Lease car repairs in Hartley Wintney

Lease cars and company vehicles often incur significant penalties if not returned in the condition they were originally leased. We handle all kinds of car body repairs on rental vehicles, making them look good as new, ready for return. Whatever standard of maintenance your leasing company expects from you, AL Coachworks will deliver it.

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